Michael Shaughnessy
gathered, bound and woven
"Confluence and Swirl"  Lehman College Art Gallery
"Cascade, Current and Pool" Portland Museum of Art
"Hand Over Hand", Craft Alliance of St. Louis
Selected works. 
Projects are built on or for the specifics of the site and situation of the exhibition. Some are permanent and others are reconfigured into other exhibitions. All works are made with hay - gathered, bound and woven.
(The work by) Michael Shaughnessy, is made from hay bound into thick, twisting ropes that spiral and squirm across the architecture of the museum’s Great Hall. The effect could easily be cutely rustic and crafty. But it’s not. It’s raw, muscular, visceral — an impressive achievement.
                                                                          ~ Sebastian Smee  review of 2011 Maine Biennial in Boston Globe
"Waterfall Arts" Belfast Maine
"Spring Cut" Mesa Contemporary Art, Mesa AZ 
"New State Rising"  Bates College Museum of Art 
"Cords and Crossings" University of Memphis Art Museum
"Hay Round"
"Two Buttresses"
Gentle Rise
"Prairie Cross"
"Two Rings / Gathered Rising"
"First Ground Revisited"
"Distant View toward the Sound of Bells"
"Divine Flow"
"Hay Boat"
"The Shadow of Lace"
"The Rake of Western Light"
"Pamonis"s Loop and Fall"
THE HAY BALL  WONDERMENT (images from an ongoing project):
Saints and Angels
With and Around